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Who has to sit for Malaysian University English Test (MUET)?

STPM candidates, matriculation students, diploma and pre-university students who wish to pursue a first degree programme in local universities.

When is MUET held?

Currently, the test is held twice a year, ie Mid-Year (April/May) and End-Year (October/November). Starting from 2012, MUET will be held three times a year, in March, July and November.

What is the requirement for MUET?

There is no entry requirement for MUET.

How many test papers are there in MUET?

There are four papers in MUET, Listening (800/1), Speaking (800/2), Reading (800/3) and Writing (800/4).

How much is the MUET fee?

The fee is RM60.00. Starting from 2012, the MUET fee will be increased to RM100.00.

How does one register for MUET?

MUET registration is online. Candidates can surf MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my or http://online.mpm.edu.my to know the process and method to register for MUET.

After registering, how do I check my registration status?

Candidates can check the MUET registration status through the MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my or SMS MUET INFO space [identity card number] and send to 15888. The date to check the status of registration can be obtained from MEC portal

I lost/haven't received my MUET registration slip (MUET/D). How do I get it?

Candidates can print the MUET registration slip (MUET/D) from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my

How to apply for change of MUET test centre?

Candidates are required to fill MUET/C2 form which can be printed from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my. A fee of RM25.00 is charged and should be sent to the State Education Department/MEC.

Can I change the MUET Speaking Test date?

Yes, on condition that the candidate applies to MEC formally before the date of the test by giving details like, full name, identity card number, index number, the new date, reasons for change (with proof) and telephone number.

Can I defer from sitting for MUET and how?

No, deferment is not allowed. However, candidates can send a formal application to the MEC with reasons for deferment along with proof.

I am planning to withdraw from sitting for MUET. Is it allowed and how do I apply to do so?

Candidates are required to fill a withdrawal form which can be printed from the MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my. The test fee will not be refunded, with the exception of a candidate who is suffering from a prolonged illness with a letter of confirmation from the Government Medical Officer, a candidate who passed away (a copy of death certificate should be submitted by a family member or a representative)

How do I amend the spelling and the identity card number that is wrongly printed on the MUET registration slip?

Candidates can inform the MEC by a letter with a copy of the identity card enclosed. The amendments will not be done to the MUET registration slip but on the MUET results slip.

How do I get a replacement for a lost or damaged MUET results slip?

Candidates can apply to MEC to get a MUET statement of result. A fee of RM20.00 will be levied for the first application, RM30.00 for the second application and RM50.00 for the third application for a certified statement of results. The application form can be obtained from MEC's portal

Where I can get the MUET Regulations, Test Specifications, Test Format and Sample Questions?

You can buy the book from MEC at RM15.00. The application form can be printed free from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my

What is the validity period for the MUET results?

The validity period for MUET results are as follows:

  1. For MUET results before 2009, it is valid until 18 July 2013.
  2. For MUET result from 2009, it is valid five years from the date of the MUET result

Can I check the MUET result online?

Yes, candidates can check the MUET results online from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my and by SMS by typing MUET RESULT and send to 15888.

I am not satisfies with my MUET results. Can I get appeal for rechecking of the result?

The forms for rechecking of MUET results can be printed from MEC's portal http://www.mpm.edu.my. A fee of RM 70.00 will be charged. The closing date for appeals for rechecking is one week after the announcement of results.

I want to apply for MUET statement of result but i have forgotten my index number. What should I do?

It is alright if a candidate forgets his index number, as long as he can give his name and address, identity card number (plus a copy of the identity card), and the year and the session he sat for the MUET.

How long would it take to get a replacement of the MUET statement of result?

MUET statement of results which are requested by post are sent to applicants within one working day after applications are received by the MEC, and within 30 minutes for over-the-counter applications.

Why do I get an X in MUET, when I did not attend for only one paper?

In MUET, candidates are required to sit for all the components of MUET. If a candidate fails to sit for at least one of the test component, the candidate will get an X for the MUET result.

MEC Staff